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DARI Health - More About Reimbursement

Key Data Points:

FDA-Clearance granted on March 7th, 2019


510K Reference Number: K180880

Device Name: DARI Health


Regulation Name: Measuring Exercise Equipment

Regulatory Class: Class II


Product Code: LXJ, System, Optical Position/Movement Recording


Classification Panel: Physical Medicine

Indications for Use: DARI Health is a computer and video system used to quantify and graphically display human movement patterns and techniques for uses such as assessment and training of limb or body motion in pre/post rehabilitation evaluation, physical therapy, and the like.

DARI Health is Reimbursable

DARI has been reimbursable by commercial insurance companies for physicians and therapists. Reimbursement rates are based on a provider contract, correct modifier applications, and clean claim submissions..

DARI also works closely employers with the goal of returning the injured employee back to health and to work. For additional information please contact us.

DISCLOSURE: (a) the existence of any particular code does not guarantee coverage or payment;

(b) reimbursement and coding policies depend on multiple factors, including the determination of medical necessity and appropriateness of a procedure for a particular patient; (c) reimbursement codes and criteria are subject to change; (d) providers should regularly monitor and update billing practices to comply with changes in reimbursement codes; (e) providers should promptly (e.g., within 60 days) disclose any potential overpayments to the applicable payor; and (f) DARI makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the correctness or appropriateness of any billing code(s) discussed in conjunction with the System.