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An FDA cleared medical device (DARI Health) that has an intended use for longitudinally tracking orthopedic progression.  Improve patient care and lower work loads.



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Patient's Recovery



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Why Choose DARI Health?

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The DARI Health solution provides a system designed to PROGRESS your patient through their recovery.  This balanced approach creates a PROTECTION and PERFORMANCE  experience that improve outcomes and patient's experience.
+FDA cleared and built for reimbursement.
+Scientifically validated kinematics and kinetics.
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+Clinically proven insight data for rapid interpretation.
+Cloud based management for electronic delivery with BACS
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Zero Set Up Time
Simple Collection
Automated Calculations
Premium Data
Decision Support
Improved Outcomes
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Shifting Providers Time

Giving you time back!  Allowing you spend more time with patients
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Findings From 2017 WebPT
The State Of Rehab Therapy  

Patient Outcome Case Study

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Follow a patient's motion health journey as they progress through therapy

Rick's Motion Health Journey

With DARI Motion

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Total Joint
Right Knee

Rick had a knee replacement and used DARI Motion through his planning and recovery.  Work through his experience in detail.

Applications For...

+ Sports Medicine Return to Sport
+ Workers Compensation Return to Work
+ Total Joint Replacement Return to Activity
+ Non-Surgical Care Pathway Support

Every Screen Creates A Reimbursable Opportunity

For more information on our billing guide and cost calculate contact us directly.  We will provide you with information to better understand your opportunity with a DARI Health system.
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Creating Actionable Data

An interactive insight dashboard for review of the data you need
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Statements contained in the models and scoring have not been evaluated by the FDA.