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Transforming the world of

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DARI offers a solution that allows you to track the fastest athletic movements possible.  Review what DARI and ASMI have made!


Every complex sport specific movement has a foundation in functional movement.  Find the missing link here first.


DARI can now evaluate any swing type.  To hit a ball straighter or farther, start with a DARI screen to give you guidance.


Every athlete needs to run.  Understand the biomechanics on a deeper level and start to increase speed.

Come join the movement of movement and explore how movement was meant to be - without limitations

With DARI you can combine the information of functional and sport specific screening.  This creates the best data set to manage all of your athlete's performance needs, ultimately connecting and fulfilling an athlete's potential.

Start and end with 1 technology that can be used for both simple and complex biomechanical tasks.  Using just 1 technology provides a single source of objective performance measurements.  

The product offering from DARI Sports is a sport specific solution capturing high speed athletic movements and functional performance screenings that reduce injuries and identify talent early.

Comparing athletes to their sport specific population identifies the best team to put on the field and helps improve the probability of winning.

The Baltimore Ravens have been using DARI since 2016.  In that time, they significantly reduced their IR list and have become a front runner to win the Super Bowl.

DARI now offers ASMI Insights for baseball pitching.  This offering is Sport Specific movements combined with functional screening.



The functional foundation of an athlete highlights the what an athlete can possibly achieve.  Whether reviewing their readiness to exercise or gauging their overall athleticism, the goal is to create athletes that have excellent functional foundations to build sport specific skills upon. 


When an athlete excels in sport specific movements it can be traced to increased athleticism.  Maximize your performance in a game with better preparation through DARI.  The ultimate traceability tool for the most complete understanding of athletic movement.

Functional & Sport Specific


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