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Sports Performance

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DARI offers a solution that allows you to track one of the fast athletics movements possible.  Review what DARI and ASMI have made!


Every complex sport specific movement has a foundation in functional movements.  Find the missing link here first.


DARI can now evaluate any swing type.  To hit it straighter or farther start with a DARI screen to give you guidance.


Every athlete needs to run.  Understand the biomechanic on a deeper level and start to develop speed.

Come join the movement of movement and explore how movement was meant to be - without limitations

With DARI you can combine the information of functional and sport specific screening.  Creating the best data set to manage all of your athletes performance needed.  Ultimately, connecting and fulfilling an athletes potentially.

Start and end with 1 technology that can be used for simple and complex biomechanical task.  Providing a single point of objective performance measurement.  

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Insights in Motion delivers answers to questions our community needs to thrive.  Find out more related to technology and application here.

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As the only markerless motion capture solution with FDA clearance we have unique solutions for healthcare providers.

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