Against Injuries

With DARI you have access to insights from the largest database of human movement.  This allows you the opportunity to better understand your specific population!



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Why Choose DARI Wellness

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The DARI Wellness solution provides a system designed to PROTECT against injuries and identify risk factors related to each person's unique MSK profile..  This approach will allow you to more accurately protect more people.
+ Full body motion health insights for improved communication.
+ Scientifically validated kinematics and kinetics.
+ Corrective exercises delivered to address the top 3 focus areas
+ Cloud based management for electronic delivery with BACS
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Protect and Profit

DARI Motion insights drive people to ancillary services for improvement 
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Zero Set Up Time
Simple Collection
Automated Calculations
Premium Data
Decision Support
Improved Outcomes

Client Outcome Case Study

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Follow a client's motion health journey as they protect their motion health

Jacob's Motion Health Journey

With DARI Motion

Fit For Duty
Left Shoulder
Jacob's Fit For Duty Review

Jacob is evaluating his performance with DARI Motion to better understand what he can do to pass his fit for duty test. Work through his experience in detail.

Applications For...

+ Executive Wellness Physicals
+ Employee Wellness Programs
+ Recreational Exercise Facilities
+ Aging Community Centers

Every Screen Creates A Cost Savings Opportunity!

For more information on our billing guide and cost calculate contact us directly.  We will provide you with information to better understand your opportunity with a DARI Health system.
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Creating Actionable Data

An interactive insight dashboard for review of the data you need
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